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Shas Sheehan

Shas Sheehan, Vince Cable MP, Ed Davey MP and Susan Kramer delivering petition to 10 Downing Street to save local NHS services.

Shas delivering petition to save local NHS services, together with Vince Cable MP, Ed Davey MP and Susan Kramer. They were accompanied by Raynes Park mum Francesca Woodhouse and baby Isabella, who was born at Kingston hospital.

Parliamentary candidate for Wimbledon, 2010 General Election.

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Recent updates

  • Merton Adult Education Whatley Ave
    Article: Dec 20, 2014
    By Shas Sheehan

    MAE consultation deadline extended!

    Here's an early Christmas present for all of us who are fighting plans to change Merton Adult Education classes at Whatley Avenue beyond all recognition.

    I am really delighted to let you know that Merton Council have succumbed to pressure and conceded that their initial consultation period was utterly inadequate and extended it to 18 January 2015. The decision on the future of Adult Education classes will be taken at the Cabinet meeting of 16 February 2015:


    This is a real triumph for people power and I do believe that if we keep up the pressure then we will get a reprieve from the council on this totally illogical proposal.

    Please let's keep up the pressure. Sign my petition if you haven't yet done so, and pass on this email to friends, family and neighbours and ask them to sign as well:


    We still have a long way to go before the future of Whatley Avenue Adult Education Centre is secure.

  • Petition: Nov 27, 2014

    Merton's parks and open spaces may be combined with those from other boroughs and maintenance contracts given to private contractors.

    The last time these services were contracted out maintenance of greenspaces plummeted to unacceptable levels and contracts had to be cancelled or were given up by operators.

    Local parks' Friends groups, green groups, staff and unions are outraged that Merton Council tried to railroad this major change through at great speed - without any consultation. It is a victory for local action that we have forced the council to announce a consultation.

  • Launch of Reclaim Our Roads - ROaR
    Article: Nov 6, 2014

    Reclaim Our Roads

    Residents for a cleaner, safer, greener Merton

    Together with local residents, on Saturday 01 November, Shas Sheehan launched a major new campaign, "Reclaim Our Roads".

    Reclaim Our Roads asks Merton council to, among other things, set up a working group to look holistically at the issues facing our roads.

  • Shas cut out
    Article: Nov 5, 2014

    Shas Sheehan backs Care Minister's call for better mental health care for children.

    A new Commons Health Select Committee report has found that children are being failed by flawed mental health services in the UK.

    Care and Support Minister Norman Lamb said:

    "I am determined to make sure young people get the mental health care they need.

  • Dundonald Rec
    Article: Nov 4, 2014

    Shas Sheehan's open letter on the sacking of Cllr Peter Walker

    The lack of primary school places in the Wimbledon side of the borough for children starting out on one of their most important journeys in life is deplorable. Even more deplorable is that the situation has been understood and well-documented over many years. Yet, Merton Council, led by Labour since 2010 has done nothing to progress the building of a desperately needed new school on this side of the borough.

  • Launch of Reclaim Our Roads - ROaR
    Petition: Nov 3, 2014

    Reclaim Our Roads

    Residents for a cleaner, safer, greener Merton

    I/We the undersigned, call on Merton council to:

    1. Sweep our roads weekly after the bin and recycling collections and to monitor the quality of the work carried out.

    2. Publish the schedule of regular inspection and maintenance of our gullies and drains.

  • Survey: Oct 27, 2014
    1 question

    Do you agree that Merton Council should restore Freedom Passes for mental health service users?

  • Merton Adult Education Whatley Ave
    Article: Oct 22, 2014

    On Monday, students and staff at Whatley Avenue centre were hit with the news that Merton Adult Education services could be cut or closed.

    The thunderbolt came out of the blue.

    On the single sheet of A4 we're told the six options being considered are:

    1. MAE continues as it currently is, with some changes in the service structure in order to meet budget reductions.

    2. MAE forms a shared service otherwise known as a soft federation with South Thames College sharing back office and management functions.

    3. MAE forms a shared service otherwise known as a soft federation with SCOLA sharing back office and management functions.

    4. Merton closes the college and becomes a commissioner of adult education services.

    5. Merton closes the college and becomes a commissioner of adult education services with Wandsworth.

    6. Merton ceases delivering adult education returning the funding to the Skills Funding Agency.

    Residents have been in contact with Shas to urge her to do everything possible to keep these services open for local people.

    There is no mention of a consultation. The sheet of paper ends with the line: "A final decision will be made in January 2015. It is difficult to pre-empt the outcome at this point however there will be opportunities for some staff to transfer under TUPE alongside the funding contract in relation to options 4 And 5. It is important to note any proposed changes will not be implemented until the new academic year August 2015."

    Closing Merton Adult Education, well used, well respected and praised by OFSTED would be short-sighted in the extreme.

    On the one hand the council is closing services and withdrawing funding from charities because of its commitment to the Ageing Well programme to keep people fit and active for longer, and on the other it is contemplating cutting the very services that adults, with time on their hands, would wish to engage in. Where is the sense in that?

    An online petition has been set up - you can sign by clicking on this link: http://shassheehan.org.uk/en/petition/protect-merton-adult-education-services

  • Petition: Oct 22, 2014

    Benjamin Franklin said "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest".

    I/we, the undersigned, call on Merton Council's Labour administration:

    1. To maintain and protect Merton Adult Education services from threatened cuts and/or closure.

    2. To not rush headlong into a hasty decision in January 2015, but delay it until a full consultation with students, staff, parents of Joseph Hood School and residents has been carried out.

  • An afternoon at the Wimbledon Guild
    Article: Jul 4, 2014

    Shas has always believed that how a society treats its elderly people is a measure of how fair a society is.

    That's why she condemned the insulting 75p rise pensioners got from the Labour Government, back in 2000.

    Pensioners rightly felt cheated by a system which didn't make having a pension worthwhile. If people have worked incredibly hard their entire life, then the least the Government can do is to ensure that their pension is worth having.